Our Story

Our story

Ladd’s Restaurant & Lounge of Rutland, MA, is a great family restaurant in every sense.

While in high school, chef and owner Billy Toomey started working as a busboy at Ladd’s. In 2000, his love of the restaurant led him and his parents to buy Ladd’s. Today, Billy and his wonderful staff operate the restaurant, favored by families throughout the region for its outstanding prime rib, seafood, chowder, and other delicious dishes.

Ladd’s first opened as a tavern in 1940. Founder Dorothy Hunt named it Hunthurst. The establishment changed ownership—as well as names—several times until 1984, when Leopold Dubeau and Richard Wigglesworth bought it and renamed it Ladd’s.

Since 2000, the Toomeys have enhanced Ladd’s reputation for superlative food and service. They have also expanded the bar, which offers a great selection of mixed drinks, beer and wine.

At Ladd’s, all of our food, from the seafood to the vegetables, is fresh every day. Billy Toomey is on hand daily, ensuring we serve only the highest-quality food and beverages and helping us build lasting relationships with our valued customers.

All of Ladd’s menu items are available for take-out. Catering options can be customized for large groups.

Our family looks forward to serving your family at Ladd’s. Make your reservation today!