Limited Menu

Weekly Specials

1/20 - 1/24


Drink of the Day

Ladd’s Mai Tai


Pork Pot Stickers w/Teriyaki 9.99

Fried Pickles Served w/Spicy Ranch 8.99

Fried Calamari w/Marinara Sauce 10.99

Jumbo Bacon & Cheese Keg Tots 8.99

12.00 Dinners

American Chop Suey

Sausage Cacciatore Over Pasta

Chicken Kabobs Over Rice Pilaf

Twin Honey-Mustard Pork Chops w/Pot & Veg


Ladd’s Steak Bomb Brick Oven Pizza Sm 12.99 Lg 17.99

American cheese Base w/Shaved steak, Peppers, Onions & Mozzarella

Broiled Haddock w/Tomato & Swiss w/Pot & Veg 17.99

Ladd’s Blackened Prime Rib Tacos

W/Lettuce, Tomato, Cheddar & Horseradish Cream Sauce 14.99

Grilled Pineapple Salsa Salmon w/Pot & Veg 18.99

Black & Blue Steak Tips

Blackened Steak Tips Over Mashed Potatoes W/Crumbled Blue Cheese 19.99

Grilled Swordfish w/Balsamic Glaze w/ Pot & Veg 20.99

Prime Rib w/Horseradish Cream Sauce + Pot & Veg

Queen Cut 19.99   King Cut 22.99

Sweet Chili Broiled Scallops w/Pot & Veg 20.99

Fried Haddock & Chips 13.99

Dessert of the Day

Homemade Apple Crisp

Served Warm w/Vanilla Ice Cream & Caramel Drizzle 6.99